History & Future


Developed & Improved Groundwater Exploration Program

Since the late 1986, Qadeem Shah Jadoon & Company as a contractor and Himalayan Hydrogeophyscial Operators as a Consultant,  jointly have developed and continually improved a scientific and systematic process of groundwater exploration. The innovative program integrates use of different geophysical methods such as  electrical resistivity Survey, use of electrical well logs for identification of actual aquifer thickness, actual depth and recommendation of filters with respect to aquifers. Different Drilling methodology using Percussion and Straight rotary.

Using these techniques, we helped advance the process of exploration and development of high-yielding water wells in fractured crystalline bedrock, and we significantly improved traditional methods of groundwater exploration in  alluvial, crystalline and coastal plain geologic settings

Looking Farward

Conservation of Water

The critically of fresh water for sustenance of human life, coupled with scarcity warrants recognition of water conservation to be accorded the highest national priority. In the choice of conservation technology due care shall be exercised to select the most appropriate technology which:

  • Has the proven record of performance;
  • Is the economically viable option;
  • Has the potential to generate multi benefits;
  • Is environment friendly.

It is recognized that the large annual and seasonal variability of fresh water availability makes it necessary to:

  • Build large dams for system augmentation with consensus of all federating units.
  • Build small and medium dams for local and regional use.
  • Build check dams and delay action dams for recharge of aquifers and to reduce the flow velocities and erosion.